We're secure. We put our software through PCI-DSS tests daily as well as constantly ensure we are doing the best we can do to keep your funds safe.


We're stable. Our data is backed up several times daily, we have a complete production environment mirrored in another geographical location ready to fail over.


We only work with the best. We have people working here that have written software for various Canadian Mutual Fund Companies using the FundServ network.

About the Exchange

Vault of Satoshi allows you to trade fiat currency to crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and many more) with other members of the Exchange. You're trading with other users of Vault of Satoshi. We do not act as a counter party to any trades. The price you buy or sell currencies for is up to you. If there is no one that will currently accept your offer then your offer will be saved and the trade will happen once someone accepts your offer.